We made a place for you, that is combining the truest ruin pub feeling with the classical, money-friendly student pubs. Then we tuned this place up a little bit, with some iconic retro stuff and we customized it to the taste of urbanist and bohemian youth’s. To favor our guests, we pushed the prices of our wide variety of booze lower than you can imagine and set the quality of our drinks high. You will realise it before you get tipsy that Pinyó Klub is the perfect place when you want to throw a party, hang out with your friends, celebrate an exam that you passed or treat yourself for one that you failed. Enjoy the rusty, industrial interior and the friendly atmosphere while sipping your favorite drink and playing with our football table “csocsó” or the boxing machine. Get 10% discount with your student ID and make us your stamping ground with your friends. Our ruinclub empire is waiting for you at the heart of the 11th district, under 26 Karinthy road. Enjoy our beer discounts and get familiar with some Pinyó Klub jargons. Don’t worry, you will learn them faster than the ones at the university and trust us they will be more useful in the future, especially if you spend enough time with us. Just to name a few of our favorite ones, that you will know by heart after one or two rounds: BizonyJó (RealGood), NextShot, VodKása (VodkaSlushy). A more than 300 square meters ruin pub empire at the heart of 11th district’s university area is waiting for you with some RetrOrszág (RetroCountry) feeling!


26 Karinthy Frigyes road, Budapest 1111-HU


MONDAY: 12:00 - 00:00 TUESDAY TO SATURDAY: 12:00 - 01:00 SUNDAY: 16:00 - 00:00


A more than 300 square meters ruin pub empire at the heart of 11th district’s university area.

Address: 26 Karinthy Frigyes road, Budapest 1111-HU

Email: hello@pinyoklub.hu

Phone: +36 1 785 2380


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